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Gerald and Shawn provide full service seed supplies of Channel Corn, Soybeans, and Alfalfa near Mabel, MN.  They farm approximately 150 acres of corn, 90 acres of soybeans, 110 acres of alfalfa, and graze 85 black and red angus cow/calf pairs on 125 acres of pasture.  As growers, they understand why the latest genetics and seed treatment products are vital to maximizing profits and getting the most out of every acre.

Top Picks

Corn Seed

94 RM
  • Well balanced plant with nice stature and superb yield potential
  • Broadly adapted west to east in the 90-100 RM zones
  • Fits most rotations and soil types; corn rootworm management required if following corn; very good drought tolerance
  • Avoid planting it at high plant densities and in waterlogged heavy clay soils
97 RM
  • Dependable yield performance potential
  • Broadly adapted west to east in the 95-100 RM zones
  • Agronomically sound with solid foliar disease package
  • Great ear flex allows for planting at lower end of populations for the environment
99 RM
  • Robust plant type with nice ear placement and great yield potential
  • Widely adapted west to east in the 100-105 RM zones
  • Very good stalks, roots, and disease package; adapted to most rotations; corn rootworm management required if following corn
  • Performs best in dryland conditions; does not require to push plant population
101 RM
  • Versatile plant with excellent yield potential
  • Widely adapted west to east in the 100-105 RM zones
  • Tends to emerge slow but uniform with great seedling vigor
  • Very good flex in moderate yielding conditions but also very strong response to population in favorable environments: push population on high fertility soils following beans for top end yield
103 RM
  • Impressive yield potential with a good disease package
  • Broadly adapted west to east in the 100-105 RM zones
  • Excellent staygreen and late season intactness
  • Good fit for most yield environments with attractive agronomics to provide flexibility in placement

Silage Seed

97 RM
  • Versatile product with a solid agronomic package
  • Broad movement from west to east in the 95-100 RM zones, moves south well
  • Has strong yield potential over a wide area; strong roots and stalks
  • Great overall plant health with good Goss's wilt tolerance
107 RM
  • Has shown solid performance with top-end yield potential and great disease package
  • Best fit east to west in the 105-110 RM zones; good southern movement
  • Medium plant stature with lower ear placement; attractive plant type in the field; very good stay green makes it a good silage option
  • Plant at M to MH populations; stalks and health support higher density; adapted to most rotations
109 RM
  • Great yield potential in stress environments with excellent Goss's Wilt and greensnap tolerance
  • Widely adapted west to east in the 110-115 RM zones
  • Excellent roots and very good stay green; very good tolerance to greensnap and leaf diseases
  • Good fit for corn-on-soybean and corn-on-corn rotations east to west due to excellent disease tolerance; very good performance in high-density plantings

Soybean Seed

1.6 RM
  • Mid MG1 Roundup Ready Xtend® product with good yield potential and great defensive package
  • Outstanding PRR package: 1c PRR gene and great field tolerance
  • Broadly adapted in RM
  • Strong IDC and good white mold tolerance
1.8 RM
  • Well-rounded soybean showing good performance in MN, ND and SD
  • Strong disease package
2.1 RM
  • Taller, attractive product with a Channel® 2000R2 brand soybean background
  • Broadly adapted where Early Maturity Group II products are grown
  • Performs across most wide and narrow rows and good fit for no-till environments
  • Excellent defensive package with SCN, PRR, IDC, WM, and SDS tolerance
2.2 RM
  • Racehorse soybean with a broad acre fit
  • SCN Resistance with average disease package
  • Offensive soybean that is widely adaptable

Alfalfa Seed

4.0 FD
  • Multi-leaflet alfalfa with high forage yield potential and quality
  • A great fit for areas with shorter growing conditions
  • Fast recovery and greenup for more forage production
  • Strong disease package; Disease Resistance Index score 30 out of 30
4.4 FD
  • One of the few alfalfa varieties that is highly resistant to aphanomyces root rot Race 2
  • Excellent winterhardiness, wet soil tolerance and traffic tolerance that all help give this variety outstanding persistence even under tough growing conditions
  • Very fast recovery after cutting gives potential for high yields with frequent cutting schedule

Field Check up Series

Seeds Of Success–Every season begins with a customized plan. Your Seedsman will take into account your ideal planting window, specific soil conditions from field to field and how to make that work with weather conditions.

  • Track Field History
  • Discuss planting expectations
  • Evaluate field conditions
  • Conduct stand counts
  • Note insect issues

A Healthy Start

As plants take root, your Seedsman will provide a personal consultation to set you up for success-scouting for nutrient deficiencies, checking for foliar diseases and inspecting for insect and weed pressure.

  • Scout for nutrient deficiency
  • Check for foliar disease
  • Inspect for weeds
  • Note insect issues

Watch the Plant. Watch out for Pests and Weeds.

This Field Check Up Series stage focuses on plant development and overall plant health. Your Seedsman will evaluate the plant, looking for signs of heat, moisture issues and any nutrient deficiencies. This is also when pests and weeds can arrive in full force, so we need to be ready to respond if pressure is high.

  • Evaluate pollination
  • Complete weed evaluation
  • Dig and compare roots
  • Evaluate node/root mass
  • Collect soil samples
  • Measure plant stands
  • Recommend fungicides

The Home Stretch

This stage of the Field Check Up Series includes final preparations and inspections for harvest. We're evaluating plant health and monitoring final development of crops.

  • Estimate yields
  • Develop harvest schedule
  • Weigh side-by- sides
  • Develop combine call list
  • Evaluate harvest goals
  • Provide Custom Crop Report

Climate FieldView™

Does the listening so you can get the most out of every acre.

Each farm is different. Every field is unique. Use FieldView™ year round to make data driven decisions to maximize your return on every acre. We’re your data partner to seamlessly collect, store, and visualize critical field data, monitor and measure the impact of your agronomic decisions on crop performance, and manage your field variability by building customized fertility and seeding plans for your fields to optimize yield and maximize profit.

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